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"From Louisiana For Louisiana​"
The Canal name has been in the energy business since 1927. Canal was moved from Oklahoma to Louisiana in 1941. The Canal name was trademarked in 1948 along with its "From Louisiana For Louisiana" slogan. The company was involved in all areas of the energy business as it is today.


The Evangeline Processing facility, Located in Evangeline, Louisiana.
This facility has 320,000 Barrels of storage. There are eighteen (18) tanks ranging from 80,00​0 barrels to 300 barrels. All major tanks have internal floating roofs. The facility is equipped with Canal oil/water treating units and can process 70,000 barrels per day. The facility is fully permitted and licensed with the federal and state Regulatory Agencies and operates under the Department of Homeland Security. The dock can accommodate two(2) 25,000 barrel barges at the same time. The facility revenue stream is from lease storage, oil treating, and oil trading (oil purchase and resale).

​The Lacassine Rail Facility is located at the Lacassine Industrial Park in Lacassine, Louisiana. The facility has two (2) one mile sidings. Each siding can accommodated 85 rail cars. The facility receives Bakken crude oil (44 gravity) from North Dakota, Montana, and Canada. The Crude oil received is distributed by truck to various refineries (Conoco Phillips, Sun, Calcasieu Refining, Gavilon, Endeavor,High Sierra, Centennial, etc.) or pipeline stations. The facility is operated under the Federal Railroad Commission regulations. Delivers are over 200 cars per month. The Company is planning to expand the facility by adding tankage to allow for shorter unload times. The Company is adding twenty acres for additional tankage and a fifty thousand barrel tank. The Project upgrade work will be ongoing untill complete.
Technology operations are on-going in the United States, Brazil, and Peru. The technology treats and liquid stream and causes various properties in the treated stream to fall out (sulphur, metals, etc.)the separation of ​​oil/water, with the elimination of all bacteria. The units (Reactor's or SRD's) are designed to process various streams and can be custom engineered. There are current contracts in South American with various companies (Odebrecht and Petrobras). The technology is patented, but operates on a trade secret basis. Canal Companies will add an additional technology unit. The additional unit will allow a high volume combination (Reactor unit & treating unit) for water applications. The application is to separate oil/water and treat the water for ocean disposal. The application will treat additional volumes at various Odebrecht facilities.

​​​The Columbus Processing facility is a 28,000 barrel per day motor fuels facility. The facility can process crude oil with gravities of 26 to 58. The product slate includes LPG, gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, and cat-feed (residual). The facility is fully permitted and is about 120 days from operations. The facility can be interconnected to the Exxon Crude system (South Marsh Island System) for Crude oil delivery and Colonial Pipeline for products.

The Evangeline Processing Facility is a 70,000 barrel per day topping facility, with clay treating for making military jet fuels (Jp4, JP5, and JP8). The facility also makes light naphtha (natural gasoline), heavy naphtha, diesel, kerosene, and residual fuel (cat-feed). The facility is located on the Mermentau River and can accommodate six (6) barges at a time. The facility is fully permitted. The facility is currently being used as a marine terminal to establish net cash flow. The facility has a pipeline connection to the CrossTex Eunice facility.
​​​​​​​​​​​​Oil trading was established in 1970 and through the use of the two processing facilities can be expanded. Both facilities are registered and can institute business with any OPEC producer under the OPEC accord.

The Company actively pursues Oil & Natural Gas production within the United States, and other countries around the world.

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