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Facility Master Planning
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                                                      Facility Master Planning

The primary purpose of a facility master plan is to provide documentation of an existing facility while providing a roadmap for future capital investments. Whether these capital investments include correcting existing deficiencies, eliminating persistent maintenance issues, replacing equipment, or increasing capacity, the master plan will insure that the investments that are made today will be compatible with the long range vision of the facility.

With the assistance of client resources, including management and operations personnel, Canal’s project team will work through the process of evaluating the facilities infrastructure as it relates to existing and future production requirements.

Canal will analyze material and personnel flow through the facility, while considering future expansions, to improve efficiencies and reduce costly relocation of improperly located processes and/or equipment.

The resulting client master plan can be used to develop a capital plan for the facility and to establish long range objectives. Immediate needs can be addressed in a manner that is consistent with the long range plan and equipment/rooms can be located so as not to obstruct future anticipated growth.

The long range master plan can also be used to determine if an existing facility is capable of being expanded to meet the future production requirements. If it is determined that the existing facility is not capable of meeting the production requirements, the information gathered can become the programming information for what will be required to design a new/expanded facility. This information could also be used in evaluating an existing facility during acquisition planning.

Ideally, the master plan would remain an active document, which should be updated on a regular basis as the needs and/or the focus of the organization changes.

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