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Contact Information

​Terminal Address
1801 South Riverside Road 
Evangeline, LA 70537

337-824-2500 phone
337-824-2565 fax

Business Address
2111 Evangeline Hwy
Evangeline, LA 70537

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Evangeline Processing Facility (LA)

​​The Evangeline Facility is a 70,000 barrel per day processing facility. The facility is located on the Mermentau River and can accommodate six (6) barges at a time. The facility is fully permitted. The facility is also used as a marine terminal and can accommodate two (2) barges (loading or discharging) at a time. The facility has 500,000 barrels of storage with tanks ranging from 5,000 barrels to 80,000 barrels. The facility processes crude oil with gravity ranges from 16 to 56 API.
Terminal Specifications

Size 70,000 BPD Processing Capacity

Total Storage Capacity 500,000 bbls

No. of Tanks 16 

Range of Tanks 5,000 bbls to 80,000 bbls

No. Ship Docks  

Barge Dock

2 Barge Positions

Commodities Handled Chemicals- Primary organics, organic intermediates, organic end chemicals, inorganic chemicals, Petroleum-fuel, refined products, crude oil, ethanol blend, bio fuels 

Transportation Modes

Servicing Bodies of WaterIntercostal Waterway, Mermentau River

Servicing Railroads UP, BNSF

Servicing Major Roadways US Interstate I-10, LA Hwy-90

Facility Services

Rail to Storage/Storage to Rail

Barge to Storage/Storage to Barge

Truck to Storage/Storage to Truck

Crude Oil Tolling for Clients

Crude Oil Processing

Crude Oil and Refined Product Treating​​

Major Features

Land available for expansion​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​