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Process Engineering
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Canal has provides process engineering services for our clients throughout our existence as a company. As content experts in heavy industrial engineering and design, we recognize the need to have an experienced, focused, flexible group of process engineers and process-related software available for our clients.

Canals professionalism allows our company to bring leading edge process engineering by experienced process experts to client projects of any size, without the unnecessary costs and overhead associated with larger engineering firms. This relationship and our mutual capabilities is openly disclosed to our clients so that projects are completed in the most technically sound and cost-effective manner possible.

In addition, this relationship facilitates an independent and honest evaluation of project process options and tactical business decisions throughout the project lifecycle. These situations could include outside technology acquisition and/or licensing, benchmarking internal technology developments, assessing scale-up potential, and process selection for projects. Our relationship with contacts ensures clients are presented with the best business solutions for their facility and industry without regard for future detailed engineering revenue.

Process Design

Design Basis Development

Capacity Evaluations/Revamp Studies

Relief Valve / Flare / Vent Studies

Utility Evaluations

Process Design Packages

Equipment Plot Plans

Alternative Economic Evaluation/Feasibility Studies

Alternative Technical Evaluation/Feasibility Studies

Energy Conservation Studies

Evaluation of 3rd Party Process Designs

Pilot Plant Design, Evaluation, and Scale Up

Control Scheme Development

Process Modeling / Simulations

Detailed Mass & Energy Balance

Simulation Interface Development

Piping System Hydraulics

Unit Operations Design

Relief or Flare System Design/Evaluation

Piping System Hydraulics

Process Modification / Construction Oversight

​​Green Field Construction Oversight

Vendor Fabrication Inspections

Piping Oversight

Vessel Internal Assembly Oversight

Equipment Installation Plans/Coordination

Coordination of Process Tie-ins

Vessel Placement Oversight

Vessel Design and Manufacturing Oversight

Operations Support

​​Commissioning and Startup


Emissions Limits Compliance

Process Installation and Modification Oversight

Process Documentation

Troubleshooting and Optimization

Control Systems Startup/Tuning

Technical Bid Reviews

Operating Procedures

Operator and Engineering Staff Training

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