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Product  Marketing
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Product Marketing

Canal owning and operating two 2911 facilities within the U.S. with all appropriate permitting, has the ability to buy from any crude oil supplier to include OPEC accord nations, not under sanction, in ship borne quantities, as available. This is a value added consideration that only oil processors have, and most oil processors will not deal with third parties, or structure third party considerations. This aspect of Canal’s business structure provides Canal a competitive advantage over many companies potentially generating increased profits to our partners and investors. Ready to potentially increase your profits, call or email and see how Canal can help.

Some of the products that canal markets are as follows:

1. Crude Oil, and Condensate (US and Foreign), Any Quantities

2. Natural Gas

3. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

4. Natural Gas Liquids

5. Ethane

6. N-Butane

7. Iso-Butane

8. Propane

9. Light Naphtha

10. Heavy Naphtha

11. Regular Unleaded Gasolines

12. Mid-Range Unleaded Gasolines

13. Premium Gasolines

14. Aviation Gasolines

15. Reformate

16. Isomerate

17. Alkylate

18. Ethanol and other Oxygenates

19. Kerosene

20. Jet A

21. Jet A1

22. Jet B

23. JP-4

24. JP-5

25. JP-8

26. Low Sulfur Diesel

27. ULSD

28. Marine Diesel

29. Off Road Diesel

30. Bio Diesel – B2

31. Bio Diesel – B5

32. Bio Diesel – B20

33. Bio Diesel – B100

34. Light Vacuum Gas Oil

35. Heavy Vacuum Gas Oil

36. Catalytic Cracker Feed

37. 4 Oil

38. 5 Oil

39. 6 Oil

40. Other Residual Oils Classifications

41. Petroleum Coke

Many other products available call or email for availability.


Contact Information:

Canal Companies

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Evangeline, LA 70537

Phone: 337-824-2500

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