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Project Management 
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Project Management

The foundation of Canal’s project delivery system is a team led by a strong project manager. The project manager, selected early in the proposal stage, is accountable for achieving all project objectives.

The client, Canal’s project manager, and other key members of the project team working together develop project objectives, production capacities, performance criteria, budgets, schedules, and other project criteria in a close, cooperative effort at the start of the project.

These objectives are then clearly communicated to all internal and external team members along with specific task assignments to the various discipline leaders for execution.

When working with Canal there is no bureaucracy found in larger firms, because the project manager acts as a one-on-one interface with the client, having the full responsibility to administer the contract and negotiate changes of scope that can impact cost and schedule. All engineering, procurement, and supporting services report directly to him through a project organization with clear individual responsibilities and lines of communication. There are no departments, divisions, or inter-company relationships to interface with the project manager’s control of the team’s resources. Canal has been operating with this strong project management team approach to projects since its founding, and it is one of the keys for Canal’s rapid growth and development in the engineering service providing area.

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