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"From Louisiana For Louisiana​"

Services Offered

Water Treatments

​Oil Treatments

​​Environmental Remediation
Crude Oil Trading
​Crude Oil Processing

US Gulf Coast ​Storage Tank Leasing

Crude Oil Sales

​​Crude Oil Rail Unloading Sites Services

Refined Product Sales​

Crude Oil Blending
​Gasoline Blending

​Distillate Blending

​Fuel Oil Blending

Well log Analysis

Well Drilling Management

Well Re-Work Management

Hydraulic Fracturing Design​​​​​​​​

Full Energy Sector Engineering Services​​

​Crude Oil Blending to meet Refinery Specifications​​​​​​
( To Customer Specification)

​Canal Reactor technology if used on refinery inlet crude oil stream results in significant savings on refinery infrastructure turn-around cost

Longer refinery run times between turn arounds due to oil inlet stream containment reductions​

Propitetary process causes complete
separation between oil and water

Oil and Gas Refining Engineering, equipment sourceing and construction services

Industrial Air and Water major and minor sources permits
Engineering, Design and Writing​​​​

"Bringing new ideas to Life"

Services Offered