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Trading Operations
Trading around the World

Our trading activities cover all geographical areas and serve a network of national oil organizations, major oil companies and independent trading companies. Canal has had an established highly successful crude oil and oil products trading multi- national operation since 1970. Canal being a 2911 facility owner in the U.S. with all appropriate permitting, has the ability to buy from any Crude Oil supplier to include OPEC accord nation, not under sanction, in ship borne quantities, as available. This is a value added consideration that only 2911 facilities have and most 2911 facilities will not deal with third parties, or structure third party considerations. This aspect of Canal’s business structure provides Canal a competitive advantage over many trading companies, potentially generating increased profits for our partners and investors. Our team trades crude on term and spot basis in established, lucrative markets around the globe. Canal’s trades in Crude Oil and the full array of its products, as well as specialized chemical products where opportunities arise.

Crude oil

The bulk of Canal’s activity is in sweet and light to medium sour grades, which are sourced against term supply contracts and offered to refineries against tenders or on direct sale, processing, or product buyback arrangements. Canal will continue to take advantage of emerging opportunities and enhance relationships with our expanding customer base globally.

Gasoline and Naphtha

Canal through its partnerships and contacts has significant downstream products system capacity globally. In addition, we act as a swing supplier for the American, European, and Asian markets. We trade significant quantities of gasoline and naphtha per year in addition to gasoline components and other specialized products to meet various specifications.

Gasoil and Jet

Canal’s global network of middle distillates comprises of a wide range of products, most prominently jet, kerosene, diesel, and heating oil. Our operations in these products are traded globally. We use our storage and logistics for blending and optimizing timely deliveries to fulfil customer requirements.

Fuel Oil

Canal has been ranked among the key players of fuel oil trading since our trading operation inception in 1970. Recently, our relationships give us key advantages globally in this market.
Trading opportunities have further expanded through term supplies in various areas spanning from the Caribbean to the Far East. Canal has often used the Red Sea and the Arab Gulf regions as locations for swing supply, depending on arbitrage opportunities. The Far East market is the largest bunker market in the world. With an overall shortage of fuel oil in the region, our group works closely with national and major oil companies in order to best meet their requirements, while keeping an eye out for opportunities to expand.

Additional Products

From small quantities of specialized products to bio fuels and other commodities. Canal identifies opportunities and relationships that complement our core businesses, adding areas of potential profits.​​​

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